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I get that you are trying to coneay a message, but the presentation was far too bland. It felt more like I was watching a powerpoint rather than an animation.

Adding some style and design to the movie will help make it stand out more and be less boring. Keep it up!

I am not much of a Pokemon fan any more, but this animation was tight. People may complain about it being a mashup of two different things, but as long as you are happy with what you make you should keep on making it.

Awesome job, can not wait for more! Also, El-Cid's voice acting was great!

Awesome animation! Everything in this was well done and I can not wait to see where you guys take this as a series.

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Not much of a "game" in terms of gameplay, but I can appreciate what you made. The style of it was well polished and the story was alright.

Most of the questions were opinion questions so it's not really a quiz that people could answer unless they were in your social circle.

Maybe next time!

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Hmm... this tutorial seems to be lacking something. The steps jump too quickly and there is really no closure. Yes, you show to draw the art (which the line art was alright at best), but not how to color it? The line art in this tutorial compared to your others is severely lacking and looks like it was done in a matter of minutes.

In the future, it might be better to clean up the lines and add on a coloring part. Without the coloring section, it's incomplete.

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Where do I even begin? Shall I start with the wonderful tingle of nostalgic joy enveloping my ear canals that I get when listening? Or how about the synths screeching with life through the fingertips of a true electronic maestro (you)?

I am truly in awe at how you masterfully brought back the sounds of my childhood. When listening to this I can taste the grilled cheese sandwiches cut into perfectly geometric triangles made with love by my mother while Saturday morning cartoons play in the background. Then, my mom says it is time for soccer practice and we hop into her Chevy Equinox and begin our adventure. After practice I am quite hungry, so then we would head over to the local pizza spot and get a slice or two. I'd always beg for pepperoni, but of course we could not afford it even with my mom working 3 jobs. Ever since my dad left when I was 4 she did what she had to do to provide for my brother and I.

Anyway, I really like this song and I hope you keep it up! Great job!

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4cat responds:

Suck my fucking dick!

Damn, felt like I just walked into a Morton factory with all that salt in these reviews...

Anyway, this song is a banger FUR SURE. Your flow put the pussy on the chainwax and you are reviving hip hop in the west coast.

4cat responds:


Feeling sad today... I made some bagel bites, but just as quick as they were on my plate... they were gone. I will never forget you, bagel bites.


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Pretty good :P

I liked the drawing, looks very nice.

The arms look very nice, but for some reason the left arm looks a bit strange to me...

Oh, and by the way the hand on his right, is backwards. The thumb should be facing from the inside.

All in all, good job :P

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Good job :)

You and kevn are the awesome.


tehslaphappy responds:

something important.

i'm 2 nice with it

Lmao Zedong @Zachary


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