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Entry #126

Street Fighter V

2016-02-29 21:15:22 by Zachary

If anyone wants to get mollywhopped in Street Fighter V let me know




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2016-02-29 21:49:33

who you main b

Zachary responds:

cammy all day


2016-03-06 23:48:26

Who is molly whopped?


2016-03-29 11:16:02

I've been meaning to tell you.
You once said you wanted to see Raph stab someone with his sai.
Sai aren't used for stabbing. TMNT iterations have been doing it wrong.

Zachary responds:

Nah, they can be used for stabbing too


2016-03-29 13:16:05

They're blunt.

Zachary responds:

You can still stab someone with a blunt object, they are pointy enough to pierce flesh with enough force.