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Five Nights at Freddy's Parody!

2014-12-28 16:03:35 by Zachary

Hey guys, just letting you know my Five Nights at Freddy's parody is coming soon! The wait is almost over!

Just kidding Five Nights at (redacted)(LOL) is fucking stupid!

But for real, I am working on a game and I will post some stuff about it soon. Hugs and kisses xoxo

p.s. the Wire HD marathon is on so go watch that



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2014-12-28 16:26:07

Is That MkNolty??

(Updated ) Zachary responds:

No his name is Lamar

Lamar is on his way!


2014-12-28 19:39:42

I can see why people love Five Nights but jeeza chill out


2014-12-28 21:32:41

And here I was gonna complain about all of the Five Nights at Freddy's bit. I get that it's a good game, but c'mon! It's like a mini-version of all of the Madness flashes. :P

Zachary responds:

The thing is, I do not even think it is a good game. You sit in a room and look at monitors lol.


2014-12-28 23:20:11

lets make a sequel to meet & fuck pico

Zachary responds:

*thumbs up*


2014-12-29 04:03:29



2014-12-30 03:54:21

i wanna stick my dick in a big bowl of pudding and i mean this in the most lewd way possible



2014-12-30 19:14:13

I'm sitting here at my computer and I'm furious because I'm not getting a Five Nights at Freddy's flash.

Zachary responds:

You use a mac anyway, you're not even a real person


2014-12-30 21:36:28

We should make a "G+ Hangout The Game" where the protagonist sits and stares at a computer screen while everyone is just chronically masturbating. And then Ryan makes a meme and then everyone yells at Jay for saying something dumb and Gagsy is being British and 4cat plays Hedgewars.

Or something.


2015-01-01 23:10:34

I have a question, will this be uploaded on NG?


2015-01-14 23:49:36

you hate me don't cha?


2015-01-19 03:33:31

I'm still waiting for the Five Nights at Freddy's sequel: Six Nights at Sexy's.


2015-02-28 04:11:03

'If you come at the King, you'd best not miss'

--Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins