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And so it has begun...

2009-05-14 21:42:14 by Zachary

I have gotith ofith my lazy assith and started animating...ith a new flash animation.

Hope it doesn't take me like 6 months.

: rtil and ansel = <3

And so it has begun...

New Animation?

2009-05-13 18:49:39 by Zachary

Hopefully, i will start a new animation soon because i can tell how many of you are dying for a new one from me(not really).

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New Flash

2009-05-13 18:11:25 by Zachary

Working on a flash...i also plan on taking my time hopefully on it.

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Getting a New Computer

2009-05-10 21:41:31 by Zachary


I am going to buy directly from the store though, they have an in-store deal where you get a HDMI 22' monitor with it AND a free printer for only 100$ more.

Wish meh luck :3


2009-05-02 18:55:25 by Zachary

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I love you Stephan.

People I Like on NG

2009-05-02 00:13:40 by Zachary

Techno - He posts on the BBS and doesn't afraid of anything.

Techno - Has a huge dong and is really cool.

Techno - Once again, cool.

Techno - Blackest guy i know on NG.

Techno - Durp.

That is all maybe i will update the list eventually :\

Added one more user i forgot.

Techno - How could i forget him, he is the best user ever.

Willi mentioned a great female user also.

Techno - Showed me her boobs and gave me sexing

Why i should be the president

2009-04-23 17:52:05 by Zachary

I haven't been politically active much, allthough I do follow the law on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis.

But, if I were the President, I would definitely do a good job at upholding the law, I would probably be one of the more caring Presidents who wouldn't make laws all too much, rather just prevent wars and start wars if needed. But of course I wouldn't be shy to wield the lawstick, I love sticks very much, you see.

But frankly, I see alot of politicians who are like me, and who would be a good President. So what do I have that is so special? What do I have that would make me respected among both the Congress and the people, apart from dealing with daily basis Presidential-issues?

Free corn.

My corn stach is fucking hughe. I got all sorts of corn, every type listed neatly in alphabetic order, from on the cob to creamed, states from Iowa to Ohio

I belive that this is reason alone to make it worth having me as a the President. I mean, I would be just like any other President + that little extra. Free corn.

So, make me President, Obama/Hillary Clinton, and I'll show you corn that'll make Larry the cucumber blush.

: Sorry, no teasers.

Pico Day 2009

2009-04-17 19:56:26 by Zachary

Oh yes baby

Pico Day 2009


2009-04-15 23:38:30 by Zachary

Ok maybe i am a little lazy but an animation is in the works...SEE!


New Flash Soon.

2009-04-09 17:19:56 by Zachary

There once was a boy who lived in the land of Bamakisha-Raffa.

He was a boy that was not to tall, and in fact was a little bit short. One day he was taking a stroll and he ran into

a dragon. This wasn't your ordinary dragon, no, it was a MAGIC dragon. This 'magic' dragon told the boy to join him on a magical adventure. So of course the boy agreed and hopped on the dragon.

As they wondered through the sky the boy asks the dragon how come his scales were so rough.The dragon responded that it was to fight off people that were trying to hurt him. The boy then asked why the dragons wings were so big, the dragon told him that they were to lift him into flight.

The boy wanted to ask him 1 final question, but before the boy could ask the dragon spontaneously combusted and the boy fell to his death. The end.

Screenshot soon :3