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2011-06-01 18:29:31 by Zachary



Luis, Kevin, and I

2011-01-13 15:29:22 by Zachary

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We made you guys a video.

I'm Giving Away A Mystery Box of My Own

2010-10-16 23:05:51 by Zachary

Post here if you wish to receive the box because i have tons of shit lying around my house.

That's all you need to do to get it, i will choose a random number using a generator and that post will be chosen to get it or something.

Please post only once so everyone has a fair chance at receiving my supremely awesome possessions.

Also, sorry i won't be shipping it over seas :(

Update 11/1/10: Once this reaches 30 unique comments that's when the winner will be chosen.

I'm Giving Away A Mystery Box of My Own


2010-09-26 14:51:32 by Zachary

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Madness what?

2010-09-22 17:03:18 by Zachary

Threw something together for madness day at the last minute because i forgot. I'm sorry krinkels :(

This movie seems Cool

2010-09-08 22:11:11 by Zachary

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2010-08-25 02:52:29 by Zachary

Made a new twitter account. Follow me and i will follow you <3

Here is some Ren & Stimpy original artwork i found and thought it was pretty cool.


we hav bn dating for 3 weeks so far i luv hym <3

My best pal shika made this for me for our anniversary


Davidzx shorts(part 1)

Trip to the mall

Davidzx and his friends artdanval and megagamer heard about a new newgrounds mall that offers all kinds of products from cosmedics to products.

The 3 of them sit at the TV in the living room to further discuss about going to the mall.

D:Meh.......I dont feel liek going.

M:Dammit dave you have no taste, give the mall a chance. Its got the latest cosmetic technology that could shape you in the way you want. You could change genders or put on implants that make you a furry. Not neccessarily having fur all over your face but have some furry ears tha-

D:LOOK.......I just dont care......sure mabye im missing out on alot of stuff but hey.(sits back down in front of

the wii) least I got this for my birthday.

A:O MY GOD! The place has way better stuff than that!

D:(squints) like what?........

M: The place has a VR station in the game section. This mall contains the latest technology imported from

japan. The place literally is paved with fun.

D:(Dammit he makes a good point)................................
......Fine ill go. But no shape or body changing for

me............Ive gone through enough so-called fun stuff to make me not have fun at all.

A:Fine you dont have to, but once you look youll definitly-

D: ALRIGHT Alright alright...........Lets go.........

The 3 of them walk into the garage and into Davidzx's mazda

D: No guff ok? I jsut wanto relax

Artdanval and megagamer look at each other in an evil laugh.

Both: O we will......

Davidzx has his eyes wide open while looking stunned at the steering wheel. Pauses for a minute then starts the ignition. The mazda runs off in the distance.A few minutes later the mazda appears from a large hill and decents down a ramp towards an intersection and stops at a red light. Megagamer yells out.


D:OW Jesus my ear!

The 2 guys in the back turned into a couple of drama queens over a simple mall. Both of them want to change their looks and play dress up of some kind(which is weird). The 2 of them turned over to their female sides quickly, or thery simple were acting immature. Davidzx kept his eyes on the road and waited for the lights to turn. The only thing that caught David was the VR station which caught him quickly. Withing turning into some fag later on over it. The lights turned and the maxda advanced forward towards the large building. The building was dark greyish black with a hint of organge. The sign read"Newgrounds ultimate
super mall". The logo consisted of a tankman picture to the side. There was also a co-sign next to it as an affliete. There was a 4chan symbol, youtube, Wikipedia and such.The mall parkinglot expended about 1 kilometer sideways. The building was at least 5 stories high and half
the width of the parking lot. There was an entire lot of cars with barely a visible parking space in site.

D:Dammit wheres a space when I need it?(looks around)

The mazda then came around another row of cars to look for an empty space. The atmosphere seemed

different as if being nausous or asleep.


Struggling to find a spot in a daze, he manages to find 1 epty spot in a large row. The mazda pulls in then

slightly sideswipes a saturn to the side.

D:Opps............I better focus before somthing else happens..................You guys-...!..............Where did they


Both backdoor windows have been rolled down but artdanval and megagamer have disapeared. After pulling in. Davidzx then notices the 2 of them running into the mall doors. The doors gave off a slightly inviting aura. As the doors open, they give off a bend in space that looked to be as if another dimension. The closer to the aura brings anyone in a stat of subconsious while still being awake. Davidzx struggled to keep his head on and stay standing while trying to follow both of them to the door. As he struggles to get closer the atmosphere bends as another person tries to enter. The pressure or feeling feels as though a grenade has been pulled and an explosion has been dispersed cloe range. Another person in a special forces soldiors uniform approached davidzx. The soldior took davidzx arm and placed a device on his wrist. The device was shaped similar to a watch but had no time.

Soldior:Here you go sir!

All of the sudden the atmosphere returned to normal and the diminsion has returned to normal space time. The pressure has subsided and all the subconsious feelings have disapeared. The entrence to the mall

has returned to a normal space.

Soldior:This should keep you from running off to lala land...

D: huh, what happened?

soldior:The mall is inhibited with a time and space atmosphere that gives off a different experience and feeling to those who enter. You tend to enter a subconsious state while staying awake to give the full fun effect as if you were dreaming. It also inhibits the persons mind to make it feel as if they were in happy land.

D:ok but what does this watch do?

Soldior: This watch is a device that nullifies the atmospheres effect to return the user to normal space time. so that you dont have to enter the mall through the abnormal dimiinsion. Not many people want to experience the full effect of the space tim continuem so some of the customers want to go to a normal mall like any other. The side effects from the diminsion includes change of personality, Excesive behaviour, and dilusions. (which could explain why ArtDanval and megagamer were acting all faggish).

D: well thanks alot, I should be able to catch up with my friends.

Davidzx then enters through the doors, The watch seems to work since Abnormal personality inducing space time would not be suitable for going on a trip to the mall. The malls floors had conveyer belts in the middle for those who are too lazy to move at least 1 kilometer. The building was actaully 2 stories tall on the inside due to the shape of the atmosphere outside. Inside were alot of shoppers that were physically and mentally changed who have lost their touch on reality. Alot of shoppers were also wearing the same Device that was given to prevent the abnormal space time from inhibiting them. Most of the shoppers did not want to live in lala land so they decided to wear the devices. The other shoppers who were not wearing the deviced were acting strange. The shoppers who didnt wear the devices danced in the air. Tranced out and spoke weirdly. They spased out and rolled on the floor. Unbeleivably some of them were inflated in the air. Most of the shoppers regardless if they had devices had their physical appearence changed. One person had a changed physical. This person had an anime look to him, He had furry fox ears and a tail which actually moved. Some other people across the mall looked as they changed to a golem and a water spirit. Some of the other poeple morphed into weird shapes and spoke weird languages. Some of the languages davidzx could understand since their were text. Davidzx observed the distance to find that artDanval and Megagamer were twirling and spinning their way to some store called "elemental Stages".
The store contains displays of 8 different color stones and rocks which looked like marble stones that stand in a display. The inside the store has severeal White pods which could turn you into a water form, Dark element, or fire. which could be a flaming rock person. The shelves inside the store contain different supplies that are heplful to those who turn into a different form.

D:(What........the shit......................)

Davidzx then turns aroudn to let the 2 work out whatever they could buy. He then turns to walk down deeper into the mall. The malls Half then disolved into a demon like abyssal state.

D: Dammit Im hungry.....Wheres the food court.

Many of the induced shoppers dont go down the abyssal like area since it turns out to be a nightmare to them. The ones who did go were goths and dark individuals who lived on nightmares as they were dreams to them. The foodcourt was jsut around the corner. The mall then disolved into a outerspace liek state where the floor looked liek you could fall through it. The foodcourts were divided into 2 sections. For those who want normal food sorted from different countries and another section that contained genetically modified food. Some of the burgers look like balloons and the fries look liek wooden sticks. Most people went to the newly improved section sicne it was supposedl to taste better and have mroe nutrition than other foods. Supposedly it was scientifically proven. The foodcourt was overly full. Unbeleivably with all the tables, there was another row of them on the ceiling where people are standing. People were actaully standing on the ceiling since the bottom of the foodcourt was almost full. For the induced there was a station that was colored white. A small pod where they could enter to have the food automatically be put in
their stomach and still taste it. The pods on the side of the court were put there since the induced were too unfocused and undiciplined to sit down and eat. Davidzx went to a burger knig and ordered a whopper combo and sat down on the normal floor(not the ceiling). He then had his burger and fries then waited for artDanval to appear. He then noticed him walking in the distance then called for him. As he called he then
the person looked over. It was a female wearing artdanvals clothes. So it was not him, But she came over towards davidzx.

?:Hey dave!

D:Wait what(hold on I thought this wasnt Arty)

?:There you are, Its me artdanval!

Davidzx was stunned. Arty Actaully changed his gender while keeping his clothes on. He coudl barely bring out a single word knowing that it was his friend. Artdanval was then followed by Megagamer who was supposedly changed his appearence by becoming slightly furry. By having furry ears and a tail.

D:Uh wait, are you guys out of your mind?

Davidzx noticed them both wearing the devices. They mustve got them slightly after moving in.

D: O wait, your not...............

A: No were back, The atmosphere can be boring sometimes but we had fun in the e"xtra feeling chamber".

D: With all the crazy names Im not suprozed how much fantasy could be within this mall. The place as you said literally runs on fun.

M:(twitching the furry ears and all)Well the entire place is made up of 4 sections. And 2 layers.


M:(wags fox tail)yes, You noticed in the food court you could go upsidedown, well its the same with the rest of the mall. Its an invention to take up usefull space without resorting to a high ceiling.

D:But what if someone jumps out a window while on the 2nd or upsidedown floor?

M:They merly float down to the parking lot. You also noticed how light headed you were outside, Its

because gravity has been lowered outside in the proper way.

D:Aside from the gravity and all this mall is really weird, Theres transformation stores, food that look liek balloons but genetically modified. and.....(looks up into the air for the inflated people and points)
That!.................Honestly who thought of this idea?

A:(looking cute) The great tom fulp, He had a vision of how the newgrounds community could have alot of fun through any means while ascosiating with 4chan and youtube. The entire mall is divided into 4 sections. A normal part of the mall, A gigantic food court, An internet section, an the transformation section. where you could choose your looks to anything.

D:(looks in an evil way)Anything?......

M:(jumps up in joy)Anything!

D:(thinking for a minute) hmmmmmmmm.............................
....Could They replicate my RS equipment?

A:Of course, the transformation is a speciallty store. You coudl practically wear anything that comes to mind. You could wear your rune armor and 2 handed swords here if you wanted.

D:(looking amazed):woah............

A:(looking cute again)Or you could change your gender like me-

D:Nah ill stick with the Runescape equipment.

The 3 of them walked off inside the transportation section. They went to the center with a giant machine that contains 4 voltage orbs on top to power the pods. Davidzx entered one of the pods. and without saying anything he instantly had his rune armour and equipment zapped on him. He then wore another braclet which covered his entire right arm. the new device contained a vr unit which could be used to adjust Runescape settings and such.

D:Waaaaaaaaa.............This is just.........way to fun..........

M:Exacly!.....You coudl bring home your new looks if you wanted to. Its not temporary. unless you could switch back to normal. All the fox ears on me coudl be easily removed. The ears replicate the actual organs if place. if removed it will bring back your normal ears jsut liek that.

.......Whatever the case is ill just get what i want then run back home. If your done meet back at the car, If we can find it.

Both: fine......

The 3 of them set out to grab every little transformation equipment they wanted. They each looked in every store in most of the transformation section.

D: I came here for a reason.......For that VR station. But where is it?

Davidzx examined a nearby map and tried to find the VR station. He then noticed a flyer the side which said it was located in the newgrounds fan section. He then set off out of the transformation section into the internet section(which was where the newgrounds area was located) Holographic boards issued to tell the shoppers to have a good time and to have no rush, that time has been slowed down outside so they coudl get all their shopping done in time. Once in the internet section he then found different areas which could lead to youtube, 4chan or newgrounds. He then entered the newgrounds section. The place has darkred carpeted floors much like those at a theatre. The area was a gigantic room with 2 floors. Without the upsidedown part. There was 100 rows of open computers as many as 200 in each row. each computer had a preinstalled flash so that people coudl instantly submit movies or games. There was a giant tv screen in the very back of the room which lit up the flash portal. Movies that passed were highlighted blue then had their scores updated. The room was literally monitered by moderators from the actual site. Aside from the room was a souvineer stand which sold different products. Then the VR station was found on the 2nd floor. there were probably 20 vr stations lined up for those who wanted to go in game tournaments. 19 of them were taken up but suprisingly the last one read on the pod"DDR GOD". He then closely examined the pod to find that you would have to lay down while some probes would go inside your mind and retreive the consious state enabling you to go into the virtual world. It wouldnt really matter if he had rune armour on since the probes could be stopped by no material. He then deactivated his runescape equipment being stored in the braclet so that he could be in a comfortable position to be engaged in the VR station. He station then closed on him making it pitch black. The cover was sound proof so that no interuptions would occur during the process. 2 probe came from the top of the cover and materialized over davidzx face. He was scared for a second but then saw blue lights then weird text codes all around him. The braclet and the device he was wearing disapeared. He then fell through a cybernetic tube which then fell almost 100 miles per hour. The process sped up so quickly that he was falling unbelieveably about 1000 miles per hour. the process got faster and faster. he was going at the speed of light then came to a full stop on some weird ground that made a weird monotone everytime he moved. He was ina tower that had several moniters reading different games he could try. for each game he would try another player hooked up into the VR station would be challanged with him as well. He then looked at the moniters and found severeal games embedded in them. Some of the games read"Metal gear portable opps challange","DDR god", "Runescape tournament". He then chose the first, metal gear ops challange. After touching the screan he then was warped off to a dark blue glowing room with about 5 users waiting. They addressed him and edged him on as if he were ready. He then went to another moniter to register his weapons and equipment, as well as the charactor he could represent. Everyone voted on the Ravine course. Davidzx chose 2 AK47s,body armor and an svd. The charactor he chose was a seal(from socom). He Then steped on a particular floor which glowed as he stepped. then he was warped to a ravine soomewhere where a powerstation was set somewhere in the far corner. an subpower station was also on a high cliff. Davidzx then coillected his thoughts, but before he continued. he then had to choose a team. he then picked blue team. The game was 3 on 3 team deathmatch. where each team would be placed in a various location and would respawn randomly if fraged. Davidzx then selected his AK then set off to kill the other teams members on the red team. He then came out of a cliffside to find he was way off course. He saw one of his other temamates in a fire fight. where one of his teams were killed. Davidzx then withdrew his SVD and headshot the other person who killed his teammate. Then went off to help out. After a few rounds of killing alot but getting killed less. A holographic projection was displayed over the cliff on the same level. It was artdanval and megagamer projected in a blue figure. They spoke to davidzx as he was dodging bullets.

D:What!(dodges a bullet that almost hit his head on the wall) Im slightly busy right now.

M:Were ready to head off now. We got a few things for you that you might want to try. We will be waiting in the car for you outside.

The 2 of them zap out, Davidzx then attempts to log out.

D:Sorry guys, goto go.

An enemy team member gets ready to RPG Davidzx but as its traveling, Davidzx manages to log out before the RPG rocket could hit him on the cliffside.Davidzx then did a full logout so that he coudl exit the pod. the pods pitch blackness was covered by the light that was coming in as the cover opened. He then slowly bent up and exited the VR station and regained consiousness. the bracelt and device reappeared on his arm. He then exited out of the newgrounds room and soon the internet section, while passing all the induced charactors. He mustve spent like 12 hours in the entire mall. It was probably midnight and the mall never closes. He then passed all the disfigured individuals who still had fun in the other diminsion. and all the weird anime charactors who had been transformed or morphed. many other individuals who had the opposite gender clothes who instantly changed their genders without care only to take a walk on the wild side. He then approached the mall doors and set outside the parking lot ot find his car. Suprisingly it was still light out, as if the sun hasnt moved at all. The device had a voice procedure and asked davidzx.

?:Would you liek us to locate yoru car registered to you?

D:Huh, you can do that? ok sure why not.

A holographic arrow displayed over the device to show which direction the car was. he then came over 10 rows of cars. he found his mazda amongst the entire rows. he then noticed Arty and megagamer inside the mazda who were playing around with something. DAvidzx looked embarressed.

D:They better not be doing what I think they are.

Suddenly inside the car the light changed back and forth in different colors. Davidzx then approached the window on the drivers side to find that artdanval and megagamer were playing around with the element stones. they turned back and forth into fire,water dark and abbysal. Davidzx ignored them both and got in the car to start the ignition.

D:So...................How was it?........


D:You didnt have liek an orgy while I was gone did you?

M:Nah..........Were not that stupid.

A:We were merly playing around with the morphing spells. its liek their so fun.

D:(puts on his shades)I can just imagine.

A:So are you going for the 8 elemental course? Its good for mental training.

Davidzx look stunned as if being offered to have fun but wanted to reject it as to look the better one.

D:Mabye later. Mabye later..........(They might as well call this "fantasy land")


Tick Tock

2010-08-13 03:40:07 by Zachary

It's almost clock day.

This makes me wonder.

Tick Tock