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Pico Day!

2012-04-28 21:31:20 by Zachary

First, if you haven't checked out this flash you totes should :3

Second, had a great time at the office. It was a pleasure meeting a lot of the talent that makes Newgrounds as great as it is. Everyone was very kind and I had a blast.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in New York next week! (Except ZJ)

Also, I need to work on my NATA animation...

Pico Day!

Funny Joke

2012-04-04 23:36:12 by Zachary

What do you call a holy piece of bread?

Jesus Crust.

Thank you i'll be here all day.

Funny Joke

My First Solo Award

2012-03-22 00:14:17 by Zachary

I'd like to thank Jesus ( aka big sky J ) for giving me such talent and i'd like to thank all of my supporters who have followed me through my times of darkness. It has been a bumpy road, but we have finally made it.

Daily 4th y'all.

My First Solo Award

Finished Something Finally

2012-03-21 12:08:17 by Zachary

It's been a while :c


Finished Something Finally


2012-03-11 14:12:36 by Zachary


( animation soon )


Thoughts on the Redesign

2012-02-09 10:20:35 by Zachary

Where can I begin? One of my favorite features has to be the project system. It takes the old Newgrounds API sharing system and makes it much more user-friendly. But that's not all! When submitting a flash it automatically creates this project page for you to go in and preview the flash before you submit it. This hopefully will catch the bugs that are on the animation before they get published and go live. It's just an awesome tool for animators / game creators to make sure their work gets on the site without a hitch.

If I was forced to describe the new design in one word it would have to be Urban. As for the site design in general, I really enjoy it. From what I have seen on the forums, a few people are complaining about how the background is too distracting or how they miss the gray-ish theme Newgrounds had. While I did like the gray coloring with touches of orange that Newgrounds had, I enjoy the more colorful theme now. It makes the site standout more in my mind and it still has that Newgrounds feel.

That's all I feel like writing at the moment. Thanks for the awesome site overhaul Tom, Wade, Jeff, Luis, Stamper, Rob, Bob, Tim, Liljim, Josh (not really he sucks) , and Mike :)

I am excited.

RIP Puddin

2011-12-06 23:23:03 by Zachary

giantdouchev2: yeah i miss puddin too it's a bit early to start cracking jokes dont you think
technotechnotechno: that's what you did
giantdouchev2: heard right?
technotechnotechno: i can't believe he said that gd
giantdouchev2: he must've heard
technotechnotechno: ANCIENT
technotechnotechno: tell him to unignore me gd
technotechnotechno: he hasn't heard about the accident
giantdouchev2: unignore techno ancient
technotechnotechno: we have something important to tell him
giantdouchev2: we have to tell you something that happened to puddin last night
technotechnotechno: i can't believe he hasn't heard
technotechnotechno: he's not going to take it well
francisco_ng: lol
technotechnotechno: why are you laughing fran
technotechnotechno: well...
francisco_ng: nvm tell me about the pudding
giantdouchev2: lmfao
technotechnotechno: the pudding lol
technotechnotechno: man puddin would have laughed at that one
technotechnotechno: he is probably cracking up right now watching over us
francisco_ng: XD
giantdouchev2: yeah he was so full of life...
technotechnotechno: he shouldn't have been there gd
technotechnotechno: wrong place at the wrong time
technotechnotechno: ancient blood
giantdouchev2: he was hit by a car walking home around 9:30 pm last night
technotechnotechno: here is what happened
technotechnotechno: at around 9pm last night he was walking home
giantdouchev2: i heard 9:30
technotechnotechno: and a hybrid hit him
technotechnotechno: he was instant decapitated
giantdouchev2: he went under the car and died instantly
giantdouchev2: fucking tragic, horrible news...
technotechnotechno: they said he never heard the hybrid coming
technotechnotechno: why would we joke about that
technotechnotechno: they said his last words were...
technotechnotechno: "tell ancientblood..."
technotechnotechno: "i fucked his sister"
giantdouchev2: ha ha techno
giantdouchev2: i wish i could laugh now...
francisco_ng: he was decapitated how he could say that
technotechnotechno: right before his head came off
technotechnotechno: he said it really quick
giantdouchev2: nothing's been funny since puddin died...
giantdouchev2: gobble is alive and well
technotechnotechno: gobble is fine
giantdouchev2: ancientblood here's the news article: *link removed*
ancientblood11: good one guys
technotechnotechno: *link removed*
giantdouchev2: i read that techno
giantdouchev2: i cried for 27 minutes
technotechnotechno: such a good article by tom fulp
giantdouchev2: yeah
giantdouchev2: naaaaaaah
*_tehslaphappy left the room.
ancientblood11: chrome detected a virus on it
giantdouchev2: why it's cnn's website
giantdouchev2: techno why would chrome say cnn has a virus
giantdouchev2: ancient did you hack google chrome
ancientblood11: give me a newgrounds thread
technotechnotechno: maybe they got hacked
giantdouchev2: why you'll just hack it if i give you one
giantdouchev2: i dont trust you
technotechnotechno: yeah ancient
ancientblood11: i cant hack
technotechnotechno: if you could hack you would say that...
giantdouchev2: you are a master hacker and you hack all the time we all know okay you're not gonna trick us
ancientblood11: ok i do not hack
giantdouchev2: stop lying
giantdouchev2: techno you ever been to panera's
technotechnotechno: yeah i love panera bread
giantdouchev2: it's this obscure local sandwich place
technotechnotechno: it ain't even local
giantdouchev2: u shoud stop by my city sometime and check it out
technotechnotechno: we have it here lol
giantdouchev2: it's really good for a local deli
technotechnotechno: ever been 2 mcdonalds it's a new place that opened
*dudeimissshikamarana joined the room.
technotechnotechno: hi shika
giantdouchev2: wtf is mcdonalds
ancientblood11: just give me a newgrounds thread
giantdouchev2: here you go ancient
giantdouchev2: hold on
dudeimissshikamarana: yo krd sup
giantdouchev2: yo
dudeimissshikamarana: hey krd
technotechnotechno: Earned the achievement Fall of Deathwing for 10 points. 15 minutes ago
dudeimissshikamarana: I made a thread but
dudeimissshikamarana: it got deleted
giantdouchev2: *link removed*

giantdouchev2: there's the thread ancient okay
giantdouchev2: shika puddin died
technotechnotechno: ancientblood did you hack the link
ancientblood11: NO I DIDNT
ancientblood11: OK BITCHES

RIP Puddin

if u blood throw it up

2011-10-09 00:37:22 by Zachary

Stickam Logs

2011-09-24 22:17:35 by Zachary

beesofthestoneage: tramps do you know notes and shit
twaaamps: yeah i know A
moofydacatprincess: lmao
_tehslaphappy: SUP MAN!!!
twaaamps: and B
twaaamps: and C
riptechno: how u not know steve-o
twaaamps: and D
twaaamps: and E
riptechno: or mike tyson
twaaamps: And F
beesofthestoneage: ugh shut up you know what i mean
twaaamps: and G
riptechno: and h
beesofthestoneage: can you read musical notation
twaaamps: lolno
twaaamps: im a REAL guitarist
beesofthestoneage: ):
riptechno: i can a bit
twaaamps: meaning i only play power chords
_tehslaphappy: oh yeah gd, i've lived in georgia all my life
beesofthestoneage: no one asked you
riptechno: i learned it in class
_tehslaphappy: woof gang
riptechno: fine fuck you faggot
beesofthestoneage: bitch
riptechno: remember that you will rue the day
moofydacatprincess: do you know how to play a steve O note XD
beesofthestoneage: rue my nuts
ryanzx2: hey
riptechno: lmao gd
moofydacatprincess: i can play a ryan dunn note
ryanzx2: the fuck happen to everyponys profile banner
riptechno: too soon
riptechno: what ryan
moofydacatprincess: my guitar gets in a car and crashes into a tree and kills everyone inside