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Hello, my friend.

2013-03-23 02:16:19 by Zachary



Stay awhile and listen...






list of things that Jay has said that no normal human would ever say:

1. "Also I just ate the last zucchini, I'm so sad"

2. "Are you guys spoiling April Fools for me?" (submitted by EJR)

3. "why does my grandma always say that - porkchawps and applesawhce"

4. "i don't even sound like myself"

5. "ZJ, why do you talk like my grandma?"

6. "He's like the most people that we know"

7. "It's because I woke up" 8. "Woodchuck, could chuck - Damn it!"

9. "Who the heck is Don Juan?"

10. "You're going to be overrun by potatoes?"

11. "What happened right now"


13. "I touched dry ice today - it hurt."

14. "Gosh, why is there on a furry here?" 15. "Happy Memory Day"

16. "I'm probably one of those people that played Yu-Gi-Oh"

17. "I knew someone who was really old"

Hello, my friend.


2013-03-07 16:29:00 by Zachary

You may want to ask me some questions, so ask away and I will answer them.

Edit: The first episode of a script for a new series created by myself and Jay has been completed. Story boarding(boring H...H...H-HEH) is in progress now... stay tuned!

Edit 2: Leaked omg


2013-02-26 18:33:50 by Zachary

Just enjoy the music.

Working on something...

2013-02-06 14:02:29 by Zachary


EDIT: Switching up the style of the animation, but the idea still remains the same. New preview soon!

Working on something...

New Flash?

2013-01-19 00:28:36 by Zachary


mean mean stride

2012-12-13 10:09:06 by Zachary

~modern day warrior~

mean mean stride


2012-11-04 21:46:40 by Zachary

don't even care~


Newgrounds Animation Forum!

2012-08-28 14:28:52 by Zachary

Did you know that Newgrounds had a forum JUST for animators? Surprising right? The only problem is that it's not very lively... which is where all of you come in. My goal is to get the forum a bit more populated and maybe host some monthly animation contests?

So lets make this forum more populated and spread the animator love juice all over each others faces! Feel free to ask for tips in threads, give other people recommendations on what you think they should fix about their animations, or even a way to make their animation flow more smoothly.

Check out the Animation Practice thread! - Post your practice animations to have others give you some feedback!

(Also, a plug for the Breaking Bad collab)

Newgrounds Animation Forum!

Breaking Bad Collab, Bitch!

2012-08-08 03:04:52 by Zachary

Do you like Breaking Bad? Do you not suck at life? Well you should join the Breaking Bad collaboration! There's not much more to say... If you have any questions most of them will be answered in the main post, but feel free to ask here.

That's all for now, toodles.

Breaking Bad Collab, Bitch!

NYC Meet 2012!

2012-05-07 09:10:00 by Zachary

Had a great time meeting everyone! Hopefully there will be another next year and everyone shows up again.

Apparently, SymbolCymbal approves.

A: So, I believe I may have already been a genre mod at the time (known as a portal mod), and Tom or Wade had asked if I wanted to help out with icons. I told him that I would not mind it at all and then he modded me. I think there were only a few other icon moderators at the time. This was also right before they actually took the golden auras away from the icon mods in preparation for a mass-modding.