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Entry #118


2013-03-07 16:29:00 by Zachary

You may want to ask me some questions, so ask away and I will answer them.

Edit: The first episode of a script for a new series created by myself and Jay has been completed. Story boarding(boring H...H...H-HEH) is in progress now... stay tuned!

Edit 2: Leaked omg


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2013-03-07 16:37:28


(Updated ) Zachary responds:



2013-03-07 17:43:10

Ever think about growing a goatee?

Zachary responds:

Yes, I would, but my job prevents it :(

I want a beard personally.


2013-03-07 21:34:42

Who am I?

Zachary responds:


See, honest answers.


2013-03-08 04:42:05

a boat is loaded with five (5) passengers and eight (8) bluefin tuna. if the boat pulls ashore six (6) days later and three (3) passengers check in on a hotel, how many tuna are left?

Zachary responds:

0 they ate them all.


2013-03-08 14:14:25

i actually went to the same high-school as 50 tyson for a few months only i had no idea who he was at the time until the last few weeks that i was there. nice guy.

but this is an ama so what's yer favorite color

Zachary responds:

That's awesome lol. Was he serious about his rap career in school?

And my favorite color is orange.


2013-03-08 23:57:08

we only spoke once and i barely remember what it was about. probably had to do with some crude drawing i put up on the chalkboard in the locker room or someshit

as far as i remember, he was dead-serious about a rapping career and everybody praised him for it (it was an incredibly ghetto school) according to wikipedia, he moved to south Mississippi and i have no idea why because from what i've heard of that place, it's the pits

Zachary responds:

Ugh I feel bad for him because no one told him he can't rap so he just continues to embarrass himself.


2013-03-09 18:50:54

Where is Obelisk the Tormentor?

Zachary responds:

Pegasus has it right??


2013-03-09 23:48:51

When you and Jay are rich how much can I expect to receive???

Zachary responds:

You will earn your royalties...

*double entendre up in here*


2013-03-10 00:54:47

You're gay.

(Updated ) Zachary responds:

say my name

this isn't a question


2013-03-13 23:45:59

So is Travis the Top or the Bottom in your relationship?

Zachary responds:



2013-03-14 12:47:41

That would explain why you're so protective of him.

Zachary responds:

this isn't a question


2013-03-16 17:31:05

Wtf how did you become a mod? thats rly gay

Zachary responds:

I was chosen because I am an astounding user


2013-03-16 21:42:45

Okay, then. n****r, why are you gay?

Zachary responds:

what do the stars mean


2013-03-17 01:25:59

your poor buuthole

Zachary responds:

i didn't delete your thread btw


2013-03-17 19:28:42

Zachary be nice to me dawg, I am NightowlRoost, ur buddy

Zachary responds:

who are you


2013-03-17 20:46:24

The stars mean igge.

Zachary responds:

iggy pop and the stooges?


2013-03-18 20:42:03

Okay, I'll actually ask a question.
How are you?

Zachary responds:

I am good. How are you?


2013-03-23 12:23:52